Anonymous asked:

do you ever just want niall to take your hand and pull you from the couch and dance around the living room while he sings Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran and you both end up a giggling mess and cuddle on the couch

niallcum answered:

ive never listened to that song but im going to now! but that would be so adorable niall being all cute and charming and giggling while dancing w u im so sad



 After a long and successful journey around the world 5SOS became one of the most popular bands ever. Though in early 2019 the band decided to take a break to spend some times with their families & friends again. When one day you decide to go to that pub to watch a free gig you heard about you can’t believe what you’re seeing up on that small stage. Three barchairs, with 2 acoustic guitars and a bass with a lightning sticker on it. Beside those instruments and the chairs there was a box, a familiar one. There were 2 “x” on it and you didn’t even need to read the name that was written on it, because you knew who it belonged to. You closed your eyes and remembered the day you heard this song for the very first time with the same intro-speech echoing in your ears: “Feel free to cry.”